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About the company

OOO UK ROSTAGRO is the leading manufacturer of agricultural production in Russia. The company’s business began in 2003 with a dare dream to create a responsible company for growing and delivering its quality products. Like a small seed which gave sprouts, the company has grown and expanded its land holdings from a small area up to 400,000 hectares of agricultural land. The Agricultural Holding now grows a wide range of crops: wheat, sunflower, triticale, rye, camelina, canola, maize, sugar beet, buckwheat, barley, peas and soybeans.


We care about the development.

ROSTAGRO is an open, transparent company that is aware of its responsibility for the country’s development.

The agricultural sector in Russia is considered the most promising and influential in the oncoming decades, so we consciously undertake responsibility for increasing the well-being of regions.


Resources and results


To achieve these set goals, we need constantly develop land resources, improving the quality and fertility of the land which we work on. We use the most advanced technologies and equipment, thus providing a high level of operational efficiency and competitiveness.

ROSTAGRO land holdings are concentrated in Russia. The total area is over 400,000 hectares.


ROSTAGRO is an agricultural holding with its own infrastructure, which owns its own base of modern agricultural equipment and vehicles. It is over 2,000 units of modern agricultural equipment of leading manufacturers, such as CLAAS, John Deere, NewHolland – a guarantee of reliability and efficiency of all agricultural works and meeting the optimal timing of their implementation.

Processing and Storage

The Agricultural Holding has its own grain elevators for grain storage in various regions of the Russian Federation. ROSTAGRO includes factories for processing of buckwheat, sunflower, production of combined feed.



We are proud of our team of professionals, who provides a clear organization of production processes and the efficient use of company resources. And this altogether has a positive effect on the added value of the business. Read more ROSTAGRO enterprises across the country employ over 2,000 people. The company’s success is made possible by an effective management system at all stages: from seed production and planning to storage, transportation and logistics.

Our awards

The Company’s success became possible due to an effective system of control at all stages of seed production and planning, to the storage, transportation and logistics.