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Harvesting Services

The Agricultural Holding has a large experience in harvesting and a base of modern agricultural equipment, over 2,000 units.

We offer quality services for harvesting and processing of land.

Harvesting Services

Depending on the kind of the planted crop, the soil type, its quality and condition, as well as climatic conditions, ROSTAGRO uses various types of processing.

Harvesting Services

There are three main ways of tillage:

  1. Traditional

A specific feature of this tillage method is an annual soil moldboard plowing by a plow. In this case there is embedding of organic residues and weeds into the bottom of the plowed soil layer. It forms a loose soil surface, free from plant residues, which contributes to an optimal application of traditional seeding equipment.



  1. Minimum tillage

This method eliminates the plow use and keeps the residues of the preceding and / or intermediate crop on the soil surface. It is based on two theses:

  • Reduction of the usual intense primary tillage according to the type, depth and frequency of mechanical influences. Subsurface, gentle loosening forms a stable, solid structure of the soil and prevents compaction by the subsequent run.
  • Conservation of plant residues on the soil surface. The objective is to maximize long-term soil cover during the year, which prevents silting and erosion. Sowing is defined as a mulch type because it is made on a layer of mulch.





  1. Direct seeding

Sowing is made without tillage since the last harvest.

There are used plowshares of disc or chisel-shaped types.